Handmade, Organic & Natural Skin Care

Did you ever read the ingredients on your lotion bottle, body scrub or lip balm?   

They are filled with a ton of stuff that you can't say, and other things that you wonder if you want to let it soak into your skin. 

Well . . . We were tired of putting chemicals on our skin, so we decided to hand-make our own body scrubs, lotions, lip balms & more, without chemicals, using only a few organic & natural ingredients.

We are constantly evolving, creating new products that are all natural & organic...So STAY TUNED!!

We hand-make our own

Organic & Natural Skincare:

Body Scrub, Lotion, Lip Balm, Lip Scrub, 

Makeup Remover, Hair Repair & Beard Oil
No Chemicals. Nothing You Can't Pronounce!

"The fewer the ingredients, the better"